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Cliched and unimaginative press biog

A voice for the Tweeple of the Change Generation

Making music for the world beyond heat magazine, Jimmy Davis speaks for a voiceless generation, who long for an end to the injustices and lack of care that blight the world.

The authenticity and realness need not be hyped. He might be the skinny kid from the gutter you chose to ignore…the same kid who grew up to boss the boardroom. He might be waving a placard, marching at the front of the ‘stop the war’ demo, or perhaps he’s the unassuming guy making changes in his life to ensure a slightly rosier future for the planet. Perhaps even the bloke in the boozer waxing lyrical about football, politics and global issues.

With the world poised on the brink of change, a time when there are more questions than answers, Davis emerges with music that touches heart and soul, that speaks to strong family ties and connected communities…to greater care for the earth and, vitally, more fun, more laughter, more dancing, more quintessentially English antics.

Unashamed to be living his love, Jimmy offers a model of what is possible with sufficient Belief, Passion and Commitment…having gone from the office cubicle and gossip of the water cooler, to dazzling audiences around the country with his word wizardry and electric live show.

Davis’ kindness, humility and generosity are self-evident. Equally unmissable is his razor tongue and word – establishing him as a standout artist in the emerging field of conscious lyricism. With fans and collaborators including Ed Sheeran, Luke Concannon, Blak Twang and Damien Dempsey, Davis is definitely not just another face in the crowd of a million emerging emcees.